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5 Job Search And interview Tips For Introverted Personalities

Conferred Careers 25 May, 2017

Looking for a job can be a frustrating, anxiety creating pursuit for anyone, what with the worries for the future, going to interviews, and dealing with a present situation where money might be scarce. But for people who are naturally introverted and shy, the experience can be extremely intimidating and uncomfortable, especially when they have to participate in the inevitable interview.

But luckily, if you fall into the category of people as described above, there are proactive steps you can take to combat these natural feelings and even make them work for your advantage in your job search endeavors. Here are just a few.

Practice your pitch.

Face-to-face interviews are usually the worst part of the process for a shy person. The key is to practice. Take a list of the most common interview questions, the ones you can expect, and practice with a friend, and try standing in front of a mirror and answering them.

Use your social media resources.

Much of the job search and acceptance process can be done using social media. You will eventually have to meet in person of course, but a lot of anxiety can be avoided.

Take it easy.

Don’t schedule multiple interviews in a row if you can avoid it to lessen stress between sessions.

Use your personality to your advantage.

Being an introverted person means you probably work well on your own, have good listening skills, and are able to focus well. Emphasize these skills on your CV and in the interview.

Consider telecommuting positions.

If you prefer working alone, look for jobs that will let you work independently, from home if possible. This will relieve you of the stress of the office environment.